Twitter Daily Updates for 2012-08-15

  • They say if you love something set it free. So I took the cat for a 4 hour drive and set it free. Let's see if it comes back to me. #
  • In modern times is "teach a driver to go through drive through.." the same as the teach a man to fish quote? #
  • Is it the fact that I rarely smile that makes me an asshole? Or is it the fact that I heat up cans of salmon in office microwaves for fun? #
  • on a happy note I will be sleeping on a new comfy bed tonight.

    All of us will, Woot! #

  • new contacts not really making me want them all that much today. They are giving me a great excuse for why I look so sleepy though. #
  • @jacksparrowfan @chachalina55 is that the sort of tea cups like one ? Where you play corners with whoever you sit with? #
  • @Sam_Adk what! They were? NO! Take it back! #
  • Met somebody that was against iPhone because its mac not from ever using one Thats like hating Internet explorer because Microsoft makes it #
  • Curiosity killed the cat. Honest it wasn't me. #
  • Wow, just went 11 clicks deep into people to follow from profile / time line to profile / time line. Best way to find people to follow. #
  • "@bealucygoosey: 1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a thumb war. 5, 6, 7, 8, I use this hand to masturbate." cheat code for future thumbwrestling matches #
  • Check out soon to be launched @WhyWordpress if you have or want a blog #
  • Serious question:
    If you don't have a blog yet why don't you?

    And if you are interested in one or need help with one let me know. #

  • @jacksparrowfan still at @Disney ? #
  • @jacksparrowfan Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!! #
  • Just saw @therock, got a pic. He seems a lot smaller than I thought #

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