Redesigned and launched the Check it out if you haven’t seen it.

I have been working on finding ways to do even less than I already do in my down time. I have my normal day job that I work, it is not like I am sitting pretty on a pile of cash. So my down time is so important to me. I have a side project that is eating time up and I can’t have that or I won’t get to relax.

So as a test I contracted out the work of rebuilding my blog to 2 differnt places. One was to do the over all design, I am happy with the look for the amount of information I gave the designer. The second I contracted out to a developer who took the design to what you see here. They did a great job.

All in all I am out of pocket about $260 and in doing that I know that I can use outsourcing to get the jobs done I don’t have time for.

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