It’s you that makes you an asshole

Often people jump to pegging an asshole based on social status, economic status, or appearance. These are all wrong to use as indicators for who or what an asshole is. First define who or what you consider an asshole. (No not me, for those that are thinking it to themselves) this will depend on your perception and the situation but a key indicator for me is:

A) A person or people that impact another person or persons in a negative fashion with no remorse or consideration for their actions.

B) A person or people that are just down right rude or aggressive by nature without warrant for their behavior.

There are many different versions of the above but I think that makes it a generalized enough definition to use in this rant / blog. STOP you may already be asking if you’re the asshole?

Fear not, it is a pretty good sign you are not one of the assholes if by this point you show any concern over being an asshole. An asshole would be reading this and think “not me” “I deserve to be the center of attention all the time” and “I am right all the time“. If you are a parent this applies to YOUR children and their behavior.

What? No? How am I responsible for my children? I can’t control them!

True enough it may be too late as you are an asshole and most likely you brought another generation of assholes into the gene pool. Thank you very much. If however it is not to late try wrangling in your behavior and then your kids behavior. You will be surprised how you stop getting dirty looks when you and your kids are out in public.

So then how do you determine who or how not to be an asshole? It is relatively easy put people around you before yourself when deciding what you are about to do or say. This doesn’t mean you never get your way it means you are being respectful of this around you.

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