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Are you:

  • Seeking a Web host that will Keep your Website Online?
  • Looking for Reasonably Priced Web hosting with all the Bells and Whistles?
  • Searching for a Web Host trusted by millions?

Why do I choose iPage over other hosting companies?

Choosing WordPress Hosting at iPage for your personal or business gives you more than just reliability, it opens up a world of exciting options that allow you to take advantage of many different ways you can market your business for success. The WordPress application has been constantly developed, it’s not just for blogging anymore it is a full-fledged content management system.

I am fairly technical and have even run my own hosting companies in the past. Nothing on the scale of iPage but enough to know some of the in’s and out’s of the business. I closed up shop on my hosting company and directed all my customers to iPage because of how easy their control panel and WordPress setup interface is to use.

For the $2.95 they charge per month and the level of service they provide there is no way I could compete or be fair to my clients charging them $20+ per month for far less service. I host this blog as well as several others and several other domains on my 1 account. This saves me money while providing me a better management experience.

iPage has WordPress Hosting down to a science; from the latest version of the application to all of the things it needs to operate smoothly: the latest versions of PHP, MySQL and Apache. All you have to do basically is supply the information and you are a “point and click” away from your brand new website.

Without the experienced people that work at iPage, all of the fancy equipment and software applications would be useless. iPage knows you have questions about your website and this is where their people really shine.

WordPress Hosting at iPage: 5 Reasons it’s the Right Choice

  1. The easiest and most trusted application on the planet WordPress Hosting gives you
    optimum flexibility
  2. You have a well established company working for your success; iPage.
  3. You also have a dedicated support team that will help you through any situation you may
  4. Telephone customer service and you will experience a fast response.
  5. The absolute best value on the market for top quality web hosting

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