Happiest place on earth!

We, as you can tell from my four square check-ins are in Disneyland.

This is the happiest place on earth, or it is supposed to be. There are certainly a few bad apples this trip that seem to feel the need to show how unimpressed they are or how bad ass they are. I don’t get it.

I love this place, I beam with smiles watching the little ones bounce off the walls with excitement. I know or I am told I often look angry. Maybe that’s what I am seeing in these others?

Manners from my girls and even AlpacaPickles and I seem to be greeted with shock. I am not sure why as the Cast Members have generally all been great. The exception has been the character Cast Members racing through the motions to get out.

Anyway off to sleep so we can do it all again! Side note: I filled up a 16gb memory card in less than 4 days!

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