Disney processing time

We’ve been home now for about 2 weeks, it feels no different than if we had just left yesterday. I’ve spoken to others and we are not alone in our withdrawal from the Mouse! I often get asked why we go every year.

That and do I really think my kids will remember the yearly trips being so young.

The reality is I don’t think I know other than it feels like home. The customer service and the care taken of the park isn’t the same but it is still leaps and bounds from what we experience else where.

As we continue to process being home and not on vacation with the mouse I have the pleasure of editing the blogs about the trip or the trip report if you want to call it that. And sorting over 16gb of pictures. Yay me!

The pictures make it worse. You see all the smiles and fun things you did and you want to head back right away.

Soon I hope. Soon!

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