Camping is it for me?

I remember loving camping as a kid. We would go camping for a week at a time and as a kid it was a blast even in the rain. I still to this day love swimming in the rain. I am not talking about freezing hail type rain but just a summer shower.

We would spend our days at the lake swimming, fishing (never caught anything!), exploring, and taking the dingy out to small islands. Parents were at the camp site I imagine napping, relaxing, and enjoying the peace.

I have camped in tents, tent trailers, reclined car seats, and even under the stars as a kid and young adult. When camping with family we would stay at a camp ground with toilets and showers. I can’t imagine what I would do with out that now. (Bit of a germaphobe).

I’ve been getting the bug to go camping but I just don’t know. I would have to buy everything from scratch, I couldn’t buy a tent trailer without fearing a mouse infestation or replacing the mattress pads and cushions. So then I thought why not just go with a tent.

Shopping list:

  • $191.99 Coleman 14×10 8 person Instant Tent on Amazon Click Here
  • $14.65 Coleman Tent Kit on Amazon Click Here
  • $3.97 Extra Coleman Tent Stakes on Amazon Click Here
  • $144.68 4 sleeping bags Coleman Taos Extreme – Weather Mummy Bags on Amazon Click Here
  • $119.90 2 Kelty Good Nite Queen Airbeds on Amazon Click Here
  • $17.97 Coleman 12-Volt DC Quick Pump on Amazon Click Here
  • $10 4 – 8 LED Flash lights (Dollar Store)
  • $75 3 Rayovac Led Lanterns on Amazon Click Here
  • $189 Coleman 12×10 Hex Instant Screened Shelter on Amazon Click Here
  • $35.30 Coleman Speckled Enamelware Dining Kit on Amazon Click Here
  • $30.46 Texsport Black Ice Cook Set on Amazon Click Here

Total with out something to wash dishes on or cook the food on? $832.92 That is just a bit more than I am willing to spend to go camping right now. I know it’s a 1 time purchase and we could use it over and over again. But for that I would rather spend a few nights in Las Vegas.

It’s a tough call for me, I don’t know if I can change the way I currently camp:

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