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  • Looking for reasonably priced web hosting with 1 click WordPress install?
  • Looking for the website on top of the WordPress recommended host list?
  • Searching for a reliable web host that really understands WordPress?

There are only a handful of webhosts that are RECOMMENDED by and BLUEHOST has led the list every year since 2005!

Choosing WordPress hosting at BlueHost for your business gives you more than just reliability, it opens up a world of exciting options that allow you to take advantage of many different ways you can market your business for fame, fortune and success.

What makes WordPress Hosting at BlueHost Different from Regular Web Hosting?

Because the WordPress application has been constantly developed, it’s not just for blogging anymore it is a full-fledged content management system.

The best part of working with WordPress is the peace of mind you have from working with an established and tested application. There are thousands of developers working to make WordPress the ideal solution for any business that needs a professional website.

BlueHost has WordPress Hosting down to a science; from the latest version of the application to all of the things it needs to operate smoothly: the latest versions of PHP, MySQL and Apache. All you have to do is supply the basic information and you are just a “point and click” away from your brand new website.

What Kind of Customer Support can you Expect from WordPress Hosting at BlueHost?

BLUEHOST knows you have questions about operating your website and this is where the people really shine; the customer service that you receive is second to none: live chat, voice communications and support tickets all focused on making sure you are totally confident and satisfied with your website operation.

  • The easiest and most trusted application on the planet WordPress Hosting gives you optimum flexibility.
  • BlueHost maintains their own datacenters and builds their servers to meet your expectations.
  • You also have a dedicated support team that will help you through any situation you may encounter LIVE, not just through email.
  • Telephone customer service and you will experience a fast response; in the USA not outsourced overseas.
  • The absolute best value on the market for top quality web hosting.

There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to get started because you can search but you will not find all of these advantages from any other web host at the same price.

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